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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Skip the youth.

it is actually proportionate.
the amount of work I have to do increases and in direct correlation, the love and obsession I have with bloody puppies increases.

All I want is a wonderful, tiny puppy that grows up to be a wonderful, tiny dog.

Puppies of choice at the moment....

The beautiful little Maltese...


Lovely little Morkies...

(videos stolen from youtube...)

Lord knows how this obsession will grow, I think Mathew will have to restrain me from actually buying one and hiding it in my cupboard...or teacups....


  1. oh my days! how cute is that morkie?! way cuter than it's name!!
    i want a bulldog so badly, or a little kitten i can call Dinah from Alice in Wonderland :)

  2. a proper dog Ruth!! a labrador (black!).... they are adorable and one of the most loyal!!!

    loving the blog... xxx

    [it's mags]

  3. i have a black lab, she's 9 months now and if you get a small headed on they're easy enough to manage. Really intelligent, loyal and very friendly

  4. no no no! i would only want a dog that stayed looking like a puppy forever... i am a sucker for cuteness! cuteness that i don't have to walk and walk for miles...

    and Cass, that bull dog was beautiful! I fell in love with those amazing little paws!