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Monday, 8 March 2010

Choo Choo Train.

I went to see Frightened Rabbit on Friday. And without a doubt, it was one of the very best gigs I have ever been to.
I love The Midnight Organ Fight, it was one of my favourite albums last year and such a wonderful album to listen to over and over again. They played quite a number of new songs from their new album, The Winter of Mixed Drinks, which I think is a brilliant album title but as of yet, I have not fallen head over heels in love for this album as I did the last. The last album was about break ups and dysfunctional relationships and the awful pain we put ourselves through in the name of love.
The new album seems happier, less raw and although I appreciate they are progressing as a band, finding their place in the main stream etc, I loved them when they broke my heart and made me cry.

Which they did on Friday. Never before (oh no, not even Robbie Williams!) have I cried mid-gig but after they absolutely belted out classics such as Modern Leper and My Backwards Walk which had the audience dancing and singing in delight, the absolutely amazingly fantastical one of the very saddest songs ever Poke was played as part of their encore trilogy. And it just touched a nerve, the contrast between their songs was just too much and tears did flow.

The audience loved it so they loved playing and they loved playing so the audience loved it.
It was so refreshing to go and see a band who loved their audience, they were humble and appreciative and it was an absolute pleasure to watch them play.

I quite often think that you can judge how good a gig has been by the effect the music has on you when you listen to it afterwards. And oh my, hello tingles and smiles!

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  1. And if I shoot at you, you should shoot at me too
    And we can drown in pools of the thick dark words we threw
    And as my face turns white
    I apologise, I am sorry, it's not your fault
    It's mine

    hello tingles!