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Tuesday, 28 December 2010

A Heart Full Of Love

I went home for Christmas on Christmas Eve. This was the view walking down my road. I loved the snow and I love the way snow seems to change the light. Blue and orange appear unexpectedly and I slipped all the way down the road.

This little toy kept us all amused for literally, HOURS.

Spending time at home is always lovely, lots of food, lots of warmth but I fell back into the feeling of last Christmas quite easily.

However, I think the highlight of my time at home was seeing the 25th Anniversary concert of Les Miserables. The music, the singing, the costumes, the lights, aaaaaah! AND this man...
Erm, possibly the best thing to ever happen to the world of musicals ever?!

I hope you all had a peaceful and happy Christmas. I have now returned to the "town house" to begin the long, hard slog that ends with the beginning of February.


  1. We were literally snowed in yesterday. I've never seen anything like it before in my life!

    Les Mis is excellent; I saw it in London with my Mother in september, pretty much bawled the whole way through though!

  2. Hey Jess! I saw some of your photos, looks absolutely beautiful! What are you up to in the USofA?

    Oh I can imagine, I had a box of tissues on my lap all the was through! I am DEFINITELY treating myself to a trip to London to see it soon!

  3. I have a job taking people with special needs on holiday. It's pretty cool; I'm off to Disneyworld for the second time the day after tomorrow. :) How is the Masters going?