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Monday, 29 November 2010

Monday Munchies.

I worked Sundays for a very long time. Not working Sundays has brought an amazing level of joy. It has opened up space for things that I love.
One thing that I love very much in particular... baking. Not the sexiest of hobbies perhaps but I love spending time with my Mummy and learning from her. Her knowledge of baking seems endless to me, not just on an instructional level but in giving those tiny tips that make all the difference.

This week, banana bread following Slutty Lawson's recipe. It was SO easy and SO delicious, even in the photo does not necessarily do it justice...

p.s. note the crackling and festive dishcloth!

Absolutely more to come!


  1. I absolutely adore baking; there's a special kind of satisfaction when you make something really tasty. Not to mention I can make cheap and lovely cheesecake all the time. I may grow rotund; but my taste buds will be forever satisfied.

  2. Oh I completely agree with you! But making it yourself seems so much healthier than buying it, it really has become my favourite thing to do!