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Monday, 29 November 2010


I am in no way a make-up snob. I think you get to a point where a name or a label means nothing if it doesn't work for you. I've used MAC foundation that has clogged my skin with shininess in a way that Maybelline mousse foundation has never done. I have been given a very beautiful Chanel eye liner which works wonderfully but if it gets in my eyes, makes them burn and cry in a way that No7 products never do...

And now to George. Cheap, cheap, cheap but in my experience, absolutely brilliant. Their pink blusher is light and delicately coloured and their eye liner is deep black and very long lasting. So I decided to give myself a tiny little treat. The nail varnishes are currently unused but both are colours that my collection has been craving for a long time, a black and a candy pink.
The eye shadow, black with a slight sparkle, gives the perfect smoky eye and lasts brilliantly.
Black black black, the ultimate winter companion.

I also treated myself to these deep grey, woolly tights, embracing a school girl level of hosiery. I have worn them twice and have already managed a lovely snag in the thigh and a hole in the calf.
I suppose for £3, I should stop expecting so much.


  1. George makeup is brillaint, not sure if all stores have them but they should be getting new packaging soon. It's really lovely stuff :)

  2. Even the Smartprice stuff is worth a try, lovely lovely Asda!