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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

You're out of your depth!

On Thursday, I am going to do a purely photo blog, documenting my recent life. And because I have written it here, it must be true. And it will be done...

Last Thursday, my very favourite Irish son came to visit. It was like family had returned, everyone came to visit and it was a lovely night, feeling very safe.

Friday was a drunken mess involving vodka, football, boobs, eye shadow, controversial chips in the middle of a night, reunions, dancing, clear tears and Blue Riband chocolate bars donated by bouncers with alternate motives.

Saturday left no time for recovery as we went to LCCC to see Muse. Now, I have to admit that I wasn't too fussed about going to see them. My hangover was slowly taking over my life and legs and eyes. Support acts were worth it on their own.
Pulled Apart By Horses were a bit average and I used the opportunity to collapse on the floor. Band Of Skulls were still brilliant, adapting well to a larger stage and audience.
Editors. Well, well, well. I was SO surprised. His voice was delicious, his trench was dreamy and the overall performance was full of sexy emotion.

And then, HELLO MUSE. It was an absolute treat. A real show with lights and explosions. And they were absolutely note perfect for the entire performance. The piano playing was just amazing. Amazing amazing amazing. Clap clap clap!!!

Sunday was a day for BBQ and beginning to feel the effects of a lack of sleep and the first hint of a yummy dirty illness. And the rest of the time has been spent CTFO with friends. NOT WORKING YEEEEEEES!!!

And now... well now I'm watching Ultimate Big Brother. I have become absolutely obsessed with the relationship between Chantelle and Preston. Watching them has become a ritual, it feels all too personal and I cannot stop watching...
AND THEN THIS IS ENGLAND 86!!! What an exciting life I lead...


  1. I feel sorry for Chantelle! Preston is such an arse! Argh why do I even care?

  2. Thursday was yesterday.