This is our last dance. This is ourselves.

Saturday, 17 July 2010



And would you just look at this group of STUNNERS.

I have attended one and a half graduations this week, two lots of graduation dinner/drinks and generally relished other peoples's excitement and success and joy and pride and happiness and so on.
It has made me VERY excited for my graduation this week. Very excited indeed.

I have randomly been given a weekend off from the job that is giving me the minimum hours physically possible. So while I wait to hear back from the seemingly million billion summer jobs I have applied for, I am going to move into my house properly.
Putting clothes into wardrobes, putting books on shelves, acting like a real life grown up person.... while listening to Disney...

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  1. ok a) this is scarrryyyyyyyyyy WILL YOU ALL STOP GROWING UP PLEASE thank you.
    b) i hope theres a picture i drew you on a wall somewhere in this cutie litle lovenest of yours...if not you know im going to have to send you another, its the law