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Thursday, 24 June 2010


Today, me and Drea went to FACT to see To Kill A Mockingbird.
When we arrived, we were the only ones there. How mistaken we were to think it would remain that way. Slowly but surely the cinema filled with OAP's, a couple behind us were discussing the fact that the Budget may mean the end of their bus passes.
They promised that they would riot if this was going to be the case...

I studied the book for GCSE and it is one of those firm favourites, like Damien Rice, it feels like comfort. If I am ever in need of a book to read, I fall back on this one, my old old friend.

The film is beautiful. And seeing a film of this age on the big screen was such a different experience. It broke half way through, it jumped and missed lines of speech continuously, it was randomly quiet and loud and a very deep cello sound played sporadically but it just didn't matter. It was excusable because it was such a treat to see the characters you have spent hours getting to know and fall in love with and learn to fear and understand right there in front of you.

It was simple and lovely and innocent.

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  1. i find that book so comforting, takes me right back to o'conners classes and the best education for life ha