This is our last dance. This is ourselves.

Thursday, 4 February 2010


this was my weekend...
not the sexiest of photos but one of love and joy and sweat and dancing and returning to our old haunts and feeling like the eldest people there... i LOVED it for the girls.

university has re-started so slowly getting back in to the flow.
dissertation topic, picked. hoooooraaaah!

i have been auditioning and drama-y stuff this week. I have call backs which is SO exciting, I love plays and i love people and i have just had such a lovely week.

monday was our welcome meeting back, leading in to drinks and accidental drunk-ness.
tuesday, auditions which again lead to drinks and accidental drunk-ness, although MASSIVELY on the part of mathew... but he doesn't want me discussing that any more out of sheer and horrific embarrassment
and then last night, off to Hannah's with Lauren, Luke and Maggie for some JAZZ at Hannah's, featuring our lovely friend Gemma on the sax. The band were brilliant!

and that is it really. minimal work done, i WILL improve on this. I love having lots of things planned, what a lovely feeling of purpose instead of just plodding/drifting (depending on what i have had to eat) through this last term.

oh dear, that was a very bla bla bla post!


  1. There's a space in the top left corner where my head should be.
    I'd say oldest, but that doesn't make it correct.
    x x x