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Saturday, 6 February 2010

last night, band of skulls. aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!
they were bloody wonderful. lots of very sexy guitar and drums. you could hear the words they were singing and they were friendly and they were really brilliant.
AND it was refreshing to see such a fab female singer and guitar/bass player being given centre stage.
lovely stuff.

other really wonderful lovely things include getting cast in Stephen Berkhoff's play "East".

"East is a 1975 verse play by Steven Berkoff, dealing with growing up and rites of passage in London's rough East End.[1]"

Definition from Wiki-wiki-pedia.

I will be playing the character of Sylv. Only 5 people in the play but I am so looking forward to doing some comedy again, feels like it has been a long long time since I made any audience laugh intentionally!!!
I am so excited about getting back in to the swing of things BUT apprehensive at the idea of not being with the Crucible Crew. It has been lovely to see them so much this week, I will just hopefully get the best of both worlds.
Very much more to follow on this subject I feel...



  1. hahaha east london :) been there done that...welcome to the club my lover


  2. just you wait until i get the script, I will call to check it sounds right!!

  3. ZOMG, you can't get rid of us that easily! The crucible crew will be like the freemasons, a secret group underneath this term's plays :)
    I <3 seeing you again!