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Friday, 26 February 2010

death by diamonds and pearls.

this is obviously not a fashion blog.
i am a student, i am a poor student with a very muted interest in the world of fashion.

however, me and my mummy went shopping today. she wanted to be cheered up and she has a civil partnership to attend soon and wanted something different to wear.

so we trawled and trawled the streets of liverpool and found absolutely nothing of anything interest at all.

but we did pop in to vivienne westwood. as a joke. as an actual joke about these crazy clothes we could never afford. i found the most beautiful dress, over £700 which i tried on, again as a joke.
and what a joke it was. it came with instructions. it ended with both my mother and shop assisstant trying to sort me out in my underwear. i gave up.

my mum tried on this. again, completely unaffordable, unnecessary, too frivolous a purchase to be justified. until she tried it on.
and her face absolutely lit up. and she was sold. everyone complimented the fit, the colour. i convinced it her it was a wise investment to be passed down from generation to generation (or just to meeee!)
it really was lovely and i think i have developed a very naughty little love for Vivienne Westwood. Completely inaccessible, out of my range but maybe something to aspire to...

Random other news. Exam results back, feeling happy, nice and solid and exactly what i needed.

Rehearsals are going well. AS IF it is only three weeks away! But it is developing nicely, getting a real feel for it and I just think it is so different from anything I have ever been in, excited!

two and a half years for me and mathew today. seems like a life time and no time at all. <3


  1. I LOVE Vivienne Westwood! I went to the same secondary school as her..../end show off.

    Really though, the clothes are all so beautiful. For my 21st last may Sam bought me some Vivienne Westwood shoes and they are literally better than sex, the best pair of shoes I have EVER WORN.


  2. I applaud you trying designer stuff on, I feel well self concious just walking through somewhere like Selfridges like a beacon of poverty!!

    cass x