This is our last dance. This is ourselves.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

cumpleanos feliz...

Sitting on the train to London, sharing a carriage with a prime candidtate for the next Jeremy Kyle show...absolutely shocking. Now talking about this girl who owes him something...two words... 'One begins with B,one begins with J'... Oh it might be quite a long journey...

I really love trains. They remind me of the best summer I ever had,travelling around beaaaautiful countries all by train. Nothing in comparison with the train I'm on right now. These trains have air conditioning and soap and toilets where you can't see the track beneath you... But every single place (well,apart from marseilles which was awful) seems infinitely more pretty and beautiful than where I am heading now.
London is London. I like it,I enjoy visiting it but in my head,it's dirty and grey and full of noise and stress. I can't say I'm eXcited about visiting the city itself.
I think when you've seen one big city,you've seen them all. And to be honest, I've seen better.

I didn't get upset at Lime St. Must have got over that little hiccup.

Happy Birthday to my boyf. He is amazing. I hate him, I love him and upsettingly I couldn't live without him. But I think I am ok sacrificing that kind of complete and utter independence if it means spending my time with my very best friend,the one who knows me compltely.

Well hasn't this been a nice revision break...


  1. ERM hello why did we not have coffee?!


  2. because London was broken and it took us FOREVER to get to and from Wembley :( xxx