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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

always attract.

in one week's time, this will be the view out of the bedroom window.

it will also have been my lovely boyfriend's 22nd birthday and we are heading down to London on Saturday to see our very favourite band in the world, Brand New. They might be attractive to horrible emo children but they are the band we fell in love to.
So there.
Annnddd... we are staying in a hotel. For the first time. Very exciting.

I must not forget, no no no, that I still have an exam to do. The day after we come back from London. Brillliiiaaaant timing, well done ruthy.

And today. Oh today. I am going to an all you can eat, food from around the world buffet with Mathew, Garbhan and Drea.
It's just a wonderful life of excitement.... or a lunch time of distraction before the revision re-starts....

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  1. Have a nice time in London, and good luck for Monday - Indian philosophy, yay! xx