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Thursday, 5 November 2009

so. the nhs. maybe not the most amazing or exciting blog in the world. when the nhs came under fire recently from our friends in the united states, the country was up in arms, all so quick and eager to sing the establishment's praises. after all, what would we do without them? however, there must be some important reasons why the NHS was described as "evil" by those looking in. me and my family have had a-plenty of experience with the good ol'NHS and we have all seen the good and the bad aspects.

Firstly, the bad. The staff are massively over-worked, the vast majority are underpaid. The hospitals can be absolutely filthy and the staff can be rude, arrogant and have no time for their patients. If you live in the wrong area, tough, you pay for your own IVF/cancer treatment. If you're a student, tough. You still pay the first £50 (i think!) of your dentistry work and if you have to have more than one appointment then carry on paying.

However, i have nothing but absolute love and respect for so many people involved in the NHS. I have just this very second made a phone call to NHS direct in a moment of fret and anxiety. Within about 5 minutes, Bob had me laughing and talking and sounding as if he genuinely cared, he made me feel so glad that i called. This, for me, highlights the beauty of the NHS. we have people who are willing to go out of their way for people they have never met, just go that extra mile to make them feel comfortable. I am no-one to complain for a second about the NHS when my family has benefited from extensive specialist treatment which, if we had had to go private, would have cost us literally tens of thousands of pounds. Yes, we have had horrible nurses but we have also had the best nurses. People all around the world should be able to benefit from such amazing systems of health care, no-one should be denied it on the basis of wealth or postcode.

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