This is our last dance. This is ourselves.

Thursday, 5 November 2009

i cannot stop thinking about you....

oh what i wouldn't give for either of these two. i am not sure where the obsession for puppies has come from or my absolute love and adoration for lemon meringue pie. i just can't get them out of my head.
distraction from very very very stupid and pointless essays? i think so.

oh and dear parents, please refrain from being sick in the future, especially in hospital orientated ways. we, as your loving children, like to believe you are a bit invincible and these little escapades of infection remind us that you are not. this is upsetting for all involved so please STOP IT. thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks.

give me a few more posts and i might just tell more than 2 people this exists!!

EXCITED for fireworks tonight, piss off rain.

1 comment:

  1. its know your growing up when your parents arent invincible anymore. :(

    i hate fireworks...but have fun my lovely