This is our last dance. This is ourselves.

Sunday, 13 February 2011


Once a year, we have a Performing Arts Ball. We eat, drink and have an obligatory, if not somewhat cringe-worthy dance-off . This year, I wore a white dress (which I miraculously managed to keep out of the way of any colourful fluid), pretended to be a swan/angel/Kate Bush, and had a generally lovely time.

All my life, I have wanted curly hair. I have SO much hair, it is very very thick and it has never curled the way I wanted it to. But I found THIS tutorial on youtube (I can only apologise for the annoying voice of the presenter, watch it with the sound off....) and although it took about two hours and was a little 'bigger' than I wanted it to be, it was lovely to wear my hair in a way that was not merely a variation of 'straight'. I will be removing my hair of any natural condition and shine by practising vehemently until I am the master of all styles...


  1. hair styled by Mathew Robinson...

  2. loved your dress/face/hair. Not so much your attitude...

  3. jokes, i love your attitude.