This is our last dance. This is ourselves.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

A selection of photos taken during this stupid essay time....

Discovered in the front of a Jonathan Glover book, probably the most interesting thing I've read in forever. A MUST read for those studying Modern History/Ethics.

Written in the back of a VERY boring library book. Summarised perfectly how I was feeling at the time. The library is a beautiful place when there is no-one in it to chew or sniff or breathe too loudly through their nose or eat apples/crisps...

Beautiful and foggy Liverpool nights. The sound of the fog horn reminds me of being back home.

Sneaky little trip to the pub outfit. My face isn't happy but my skirt and t-shirt were.

Around this time of year, I write messages to myself. Usually ones in which I insult and guilt myself in to doing more work. This time, I went for the more inspirational approach.


My darling dog was meant to die over 2 months ago. He hasn't done yet. Well done, Milo.

My Christmas Vans have left their box. They are too clean but that is definitely the way I like them. They are a little big for me but I just cannot bring myself to tie the laces in to bows.

Sporadic snow love hearts.


  1. Why would you post such a dream destroying photo of Michael Buble?! Why, Ruth, WHY!

  2. told you buble was not beef. did not make it to casting, obvs. potatoes arrived home unscathed.

  3. Sorry Cass! With a voice like his though, he can be as tubby as he likes for me!

    Rio, I could not be happier about your potatoes.

  4. I'm passing on the Versatile Blogger Award to you - yays!

    love Rio