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Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Dawn.


As previously mentioned, I appreciate the New Year as something fresh and I do like to make resolutions. If I really wanted these things, then of course I would do them of my own accord throughout the year but the beginning of a new year, of a new decade, gives me a push of incentive, inspiration and motivation that can be difficult to find.

1. Pass driving test. Spending that much money to CONTINUOUSLY fail is annoying but it will be worth it in the end. I mustn't let it all go to waste.

2. Keep flat tidier. It makes Mathew very miserable when I am messy and makes me feel like a bad person.

3. Get the balance right between MA work, other extra-curricular work and play. I have to remember that I have a degree, the initial pressure is off, but this could be the difference between a dream job and a life in retail...

4. Find what dream job is. Get it...

5. Lose the obligatory half a stone. Unlike most, I eat more when I am happy. Not that I want to be miserable but I think not eating 4 chocolate mousses for lunch won't do much harm.

6. Change blog address to one that is vaguely relevant to title of said blog... DONE.

This where you will be able to find me!


  1. I second number two.

    Love you previous flat mate


  2. I have a feeling you meant "love from your previous flatmate" BUT this is the first time you have ever told me that you love me.
    And that is how I want to read it!