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Thursday, 4 November 2010

Today has been a great day. Christmas party for PhilSoc, EngSoc and PolSoc has been booked. I get to wear glasses (practically the best thing to have ever happened to me) and I was elected as Chair for Student Council. All these things make me very happy.

Something else that makes me happy is what Maggie May is doing this week. Maggie is talking part in "What Does Poverty Mean To You Week" with Oxfam. She is walking 4 miles before she can collect 4litres of water for the day, with this being the average distance that a woman in Africa has to walk every day. Maggie does not live to boost her CV, she is one of those people in the world who we can genuinely admire for their altruistic tendencies and her love for helping others. Having a fresh and immediate supply of water is something that I abuse and take for granted every single day. The idea of this project is not simply about donation, it's about awareness and encouraging us, as spectators of their challenge, to question our own definitions of poverty and what it personally means to us.

Her blog is here. Please look at it and PLEASE remind her to drink the water she is entitled to! Girl's gonna make herself sick!!!

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