This is our last dance. This is ourselves.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010


"Oh hi Bla Bla, how are you?

I'm fine...oh Ruth, are you alright?

Yeah I'm fine. Do my eyes look sore or something? Like I've been crying? I haven't, they're just a bit sore today.

No no they're fine... You just look a bit.... And no one wants to hear this... You just look a bit worn down.

Oh nope, that's just me with no make up on. Most people are shocked when they encounter it for the first time. Sorry...."

Fickle, fickle face.
Damn you pale skin and permanently tired sore eyes.
I love make up, I truly do but I don't want it on my face every day. But I also don't have an urge to look like shit every day either. WHY DOES MY FACE MAKE ME LOOK LIKE SHIT?

Naughty face.

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