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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Daisy Daisy

Yesterday was one of the very best days I have had in a very long time.

Me and Hubby pitched to be Marketing and Publicity for LUDS. We worked very hard and I am really very happy that we are going to be given the opportunity to make the society aaamazing.

We got to sit and listen to everyone pitching for plays for next year, it was so exciting and wonderful to be a part of all that.


The loveliest , drunkest award ceremony I have ever been to!
Everyone looked SO beautiful.

I attempted to give an award. Never before has wine caused such a very obvious mouth-to-brain break down. Apparently, it was rather funny...

Sam and I won "Steamiest Moment" for our sexual escapades in East, I joint won Best Actress for East and EAST WON BEST PRODUCTION.

6 out of 11 awards came to East.
I just couldn't be prouder of something, I am so glad our hard work was recognised, I really was very moved by the whole thing.

And then everything got very very very blurry and the night ended with a walk home in the finest of rain with beautiful bird song and the rare grey tint of sunrise.

Photos will at some point follow.
Also, HELLO to all you sneaky little anonymous readers!!! Especially the ones who made themselves known last night. I am in love with you.


  1. are you in love with me even though im not anonymous? i can be anonymous if you wnat me to be? you know il do anything for some of your leg love


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