This is our last dance. This is ourselves.

Sunday, 2 May 2010

Never Forget.

I am proud of me for my 72 in an essay.
I am proud of my friends for having amazing summer plans.
(Well, proud and jealous. Oh to have a life of plan and direction. I wonder if it is too late to plan something wonderful? Surely not?!)

I am especially proud of one of my friends who is just having an awful time at the moment looking after her poorly Dad. And you just can't tell. She is quiet about it, quiet about the day to day shitness of the whole situation. She just handles herself with SUCH strength and reserve and generosity. I have the utmost amount of pride and respect for her and for her smile. She is wonderful.

I think you feel proud when someone surpasses your expectations or the limits of what you thought was possible/probable for them. It's not that your limits or expectations were low, it's just that suddenly you have to raise the boundaries because of the amazing things that they are capable of.

I know EXACTLY what I am trying to say. Oh look at the words not coming out right...


  1. dont worry ruthy, they came out right


  2. seventy two!!!! i am proud of you!
    Cazzy x

  3. sometimes words mean more when they just tumble out however they will