This is our last dance. This is ourselves.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Bes Bes Bes.

What a weekend.

Friday signified the end of "East". It went so well. We had to bring in extra chairs, we had to turn people away, people stood for the entire performance. It was very humbling and appreciated and just plain wonderful. We tried to go out afterwards but tired, fainty Ruth appeared and was taken for some dirty chicken/pidgeon and then went to bed. I am absolutely going to do a purely East inspired blog soon.

Woke up in tears. Constant tears for about 6 hours. Constantly. It was ridiculous.
And I think it was because it really did mean the beginning of the end. That would be, the way I was thinking about it at the time, the very last play I was ever going to be in. It wasn't just an end of univsersity plays but all the drama I have ever done ever, this seemed to represent the end of all of it. The end of uni life and everything about it that I love so much.
And that was just too sad.

So we had a party. Just a little party with just the right people and just the right amount of vodka to numb the tear ducts. And a very interesting discussion with a friend of mine who just brought up the idea of a Masters.
Following on from this insightful discussion, I am going to apply for a Masters. Part time or full time hasn't been decided yet but I am going to apply and if I don't get it then fine, if I do get it and want it then wonderful, if I do get it and don't want it then I can defer or just say no thank you very much.
I just feel like I still have a lot I want to do. I want to go for president of PhilSoc and LUDS.
If anyone in the world has an opinion about this, preferably constructive, then please feel free to leave comments. Advice is sorely needed.

Sunday was a day for the boys. Mathew had been to 2/3 nights of my play and so I went with him to my lovely new found friend Bes' house to watch 2 (!) games of football. We ate, we sat and we watched.
Mathew and I returned back to the homestead for glorious amounts of wine consumption, cockney singing around the table, the introduction of the Masters idea and lamb.
And then and then and tthhhheeeeennnn....
We returned. At midnight. To the house of Bes. For Wrestlemania. Until 4.30 in the morning.
Absolutely bloody ridiculous. But sleepy and fun. It was just relaxed and easy and I really enjoyed myself.

And then yesterday, the disseration work began. I am still on the reading stage and I feel like this is fine, I am happily plodding along, reading for as long as physically possible so it means I don't actually have to write anything at all.

I don 't much like these diary-like blogs. I think they might be quite boring and long and just a little too self-indulgent. I love me me me!


  1. sounds incredible! really wish i could have seen it. x


    my advice... do it. do it all. do everything you want, its all worth it.

    its like my mantra :)


  3. Masters Sounds Perfect!! You Should Definitely Go For It!
    Loved Your Little Blog!! x

  4. wait, why is this going to be your last? Why stop now? enjoy it while you're still so young and fresh! Hell enjoy it till you're on your death bed! GO FOR IT GIRL!