This is our last dance. This is ourselves.

Sunday, 3 January 2010


always good for a read. and a life comparison. all the people who have texts on here seem to have very exciting and rebellious lives... i feel like i very much lived that out during high school/sixth form and uni in comparison has indeed been rather tame... one semester left though, who knows....

so happy new year to one and all. my new years resolutions will be written very very soon. so far i have done little to no revision, spent time with family and friends in various different locations, drank enough wine for me to turn in to some kind of wine bag and left my job until the end of this academic year.... very new times ahead.

but this is the year of work. this is the year of philosophy. this is the year of the graduation. i hope i am strong enough for it. at times, i know i am. i know what i am capable of. and at times, it all just seems so much. so much work and so much pressure.

and it all starts tomorrow.... eek.


  1. TFLN. ♥ Always makes me feel a bit dull, but I do adore it!

    Hope you had an excellent festive season, lovely girl, and aren't too stressed about third year. You are going to rock it. xxx

  2. I mean the last half of 3rd year, obviously. I'm about 100 words away from the end of an essay and can't brain words no mores.

  3. thank you for the words of confidence, heading to see our good friend Sydney today, he always makes me feel a little better and more productive!

    hope you had a lovely Christmas too, definitely up for a catch up when everyone has returned :)

    good luck with your words, 100 words is a very long sentence :) xxxxxx

  4. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ME?!?! I keep forgetting to do the stupid 'copy the letters' thing after commenting...

    what did I say again?

    Could I crash your conversation here and invite myself to the catch up?!?

    This year's gonna be a good one, I can feel it! Especially with new friends XD I'm sure you've got 3rd year in the bag, no worries.


  5. Yes yes, please let's get together when we're all back in the 'pool and have a jolly old time. Hooray! xxx

    p.s. have you chaps heard anything about what the shows are supposed to be next term?

  6. i ALWAYS forget to do that, very frustrating! you can most definitely crash, i just miss all your lovely faces!

    ermmmm luke is doing the dolls house and mike denny is doing dracula and grace is doing a very not well known one and i just cannot remember another one! part of me is thinking to leave it at the crucible and help direct something if they'll have me... xxx