This is our last dance. This is ourselves.

Monday, 7 December 2009


very swiftly onwards. i was very tempted to delete the last post, it's just all a bit gross. my "drama queen" was on a rampage and could not be stopped. ahh ups and downs, ups and downs. i really love him, i absolutely do. i don't think i would get as upset if i didn't love him or care half as much as i do. but maybe this internet medium isn't the right place to be airing ones dirty linen in public and therefore, more caution will be exercised in the future....

and so the last week begins. vom.
we have the potential to do SO well. so so so well. i just hope we don't let ourselves down.
all i want is for my lines to come out of my mouth in the right order. the idea of forgetting them makes me vommy.

i saw this and loved it. a weekly inspiration.

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  1. postsecret is excellent inspiration indeed. <3

    See you in a little bit petal. Remember, the dress rehearsal is probably going to go horribly because they always do. We'll be fine! xxxx