This is our last dance. This is ourselves.

Monday, 14 December 2009


ah i have most defintely been putting off this blog. post-show blues is making its usual appearence, very rudely and sneakily to be honest.

the show itself, in my eyes, was an absolute success. we pulled it off big style. i was so proud of everyone. we had all put so much time and effort and energy and emotion and other alliterative words in that it was so lovely to hear that people genuinely enjoyed watching us all prance around. i will always be gutted that my body wouldn't let me shed real tears on la stage but i think the boys wept enough for me and them included. i met some of the best people, i have been so lucky, i just hope we keep it all going without the Crucuble cement to keep us all together...

its funny, really emotionally involving scene on stage fails to produce tears but one tiny bit of a film that reminded me of something like 10 years ago can have me filling up in a few cheeky seconds.

and so i have been trying my hardest to stay a busy bee, living in a seemingly permanent state of drunkeness or hangover, awful naughty cycle which randomly becomes very acceptable around this time of year...

such distractions have involved after show party, family meal, work meal but tonight, all planned festivities cancelled. apparently living in a house with people, even after sharing the flat experience a year previous, isn't all fun and games. and when housemates think its fun to bring their friends back at 3 in the morning and continue their night out in the room above you, separated by a floor as thin as paper, things can become slightly tense and you find yourself arguing like children but with the issue of sounding like the elderly, complaining about "disrespect" and "unacceptable behaviour and level of noise"...

i wish i had somewhere gorgeous to go over christmas. somewhere that isn't liverpool and somewhere where christmas represents all the things it used to. and not revision and work.

oh MY, whinge whinge whinge bla bla bla! let me sleeeeeeeeeep for a month or two.


  1. I find Christmas day, the day where guilt of not working doesn't exist, ends up being a very concentrated and condensed version of what christmas used to be like before revision and work. So look forward to that at least.

    We need no cement! We're a dry stone wall, held together by sheer determination (and weight...but we're not heavy. I'm sure if we laid on top of one another though, we'd be comfortable enough to stay like that too).

    Awww, I <3 Ruth-face! Will most deffo keep chatting to you over The Holiday Of Jesus' Birthday (talk about milking it...3 weeks?!? 1 Birthday?!?)

  2. You really did meet some amazing people at the crucible didnt you? Where else would you find a boob weighing drug smuggling ANGEL eh?!