This is our last dance. This is ourselves.

Saturday, 21 November 2009


surely doesn't have to mean sequins...
i work in a lovely (ish) shop and all we seem to be selling now the winter months have appeared is bloody sequins. this year i absolutely refuse to be drawn in by the glittery side. sequins hurt and they fall off and you can't just stick them in the washing machine, apparently.
work is long, my cough is now verging on hacking and my new eye make up remover is a tad on the oily side, so right now everything is veeeery blurry, as in 2 bottles of wine fuzzy.

today we had a spider in our bathroom. it took 2 girls and 1 boy a very large amount of screaming until any one came and rescued us....

that might just be the most boring thing every written. ugh BED. cough cough.


  1. fucking sequins

    fucking spiders



  2. i'm glad you feel the same,
    really miss you charlegs (see, it makes one lovely word!) xxxx

  3. cough cough indeed. Hello Ruth! x