This is our last dance. This is ourselves.

Thursday, 12 November 2009


apologies for the title theft but i feel its rather apt. and i actually can't stop listening to it.

so rehearsing yesterday and we get on to the subject of heartbreaks. after numerous awful stories about just how terrible the end of relationships can be, my friend alex pops up and says something very simply, very plain but something that within seconds had 3 girls wiping tears from their eyes...

"a boy on my course asked a girl if she wanted to have dinner with him. and she said yes."

granted then tonight i discovered that she then called him to double check they were just "going as friends" but still, there was something so very lovely and touching about a simple dinner request. maybe we were just all in a very fragile emotional/hungover state of mind but there seems to be something wonderful about the idea of being taken out for dinner. and someone having the courage to ask you to go with them. yummy stuff but the stuff of dreams at the moment.

"just go home and in to your room and listen to music really loud and don't let your body stop moving...."

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