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Monday, 12 October 2009

my very first blog.

And so, I have created a blog. I have no idea why, apart from the fact that for the first time in a very long time, I actually have work and stuff to do and I just do not want to yet. And also because reading the blog's of others has made me realise that they do not have to be completely fashion based (all my stuff is from primark and the clothes that aren't have been donated...) but that they can be about other things which are really, if not much more, important. They are about friends, family, love. I am not 100% sure right now who will ever read this, I think it may be a very very priveleged and select few and I probably won't tell the truth very much and my spelling and punctuation and grammar can quite often be appalling. But (and I do start the majority of my sentences with non-beginning of sentence words such as "and" and "but") I hope that this will lead to some amusing anecdotes, important self reflection and a way for us all to stay in touch with our selves and our friends that little bit better.

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